At 20th, the Confucius Institute Is in Its Prime丨 Official Release of the 20th-Anniversary Logo

2024-05-20 17:00:00

On May 20th, CIEF (Chinese International Education Foundation) released the 20th-anniversary logo of Confucius Institutes, which was designed by Professor Hao Ninghui, Dean of the School of Design at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, and his team for public services. The design concept focuses on unity, diversity, and future potentials, deconstructing and reconstructing the visual elements of the Chinese character "" (Kǒng) and the numeral "20" to form a tangible and perceptible brand logo. The cohesion among the three geometric shapes reflects the essence of Chinese knots, symbolizing connection, cooperation, and integration. It represents a modern expression of Eastern aesthetics. The circular elements on the left and right symbolize an abstract handshake, signifying collaboration and mutual benefit, as well as the distinctive features of Confucius Institutes: extensive consultation, joint contribution, and shared benefits between Chinese and foreign partners. Red, as the dominant hue, is a traditional color for Chinese celebrations, expressing the youthfulness and vitality of Confucius Institutes through a gradient of red and orange. This logo perfectly explains the philosophy of Confucius Institutes that starts with language education, facilitates cultural communication, and promotes people-to-people connectivity.

By the end of 2023, a total of 496 Confucius Institutes and 757 Confucius Classrooms are established by Chinese and foreign partner institutions with the principle of “planning together, building together, and benefiting together”, which has been consistently catering to the needs of people worldwide to learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture. They have served 160 countries and regions globally, hence a leading brand in international Chinese education.

Zhao Lingshan, Vice President and Secretary-General of CIEF, suggested that this year, Confucius Institutes worldwide are about to celebrate the 20th birthday of their brand on the theme of "At 20th, the Confucius Institute Is in Its Prime". The achievements of Confucius Institutes over the past 20 years belong to all parties who have offered care, support, and engagement in its cause. Looking into the future, the Confucius Institute in its prime will continue to contribute to cultural exchanges, mutual learning among different civilizations, and people-to-people connectivity. CIEF will cooperate with more social parties to achieve new growth for Confucius Institutes and international Chinese education at a new starting point.

The copyright of this logo belongs to CIEF. Confucius Institutes and domestic and foreign partners are welcome to use it legally to jointly maintain the brand reputation of Confucius Institutes. For any inquiries, please contact the Division of Fundraising and Public Relations of CIEF.

Thank you for your generous support.

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