Introduction of Activity
由中国国际中文教育基金会倾力打造的“中国酷”(China Cool)当代中国文化系列短视频正式推出!这不仅仅是一部关于中国新兴行业的短视频系列,更是一场跨越国界、文化和语言的视听盛宴。“中国酷”系列短视频将从外国年轻人视角出发,展示中国各新兴行业发展现状,内容涉及行业中蕴含的社会、发展、科技、生活、情感等跨国别和文化的共通性题材,带你领略中国潮流行业的魅力,感受中国时代发展脉搏。 China Cool, a series of short videos on contemporary Chinese culture created by the Chinese International Education Foundation, has been officially launched! This is not only a video series about China's emerging industries, but also an audio-visual feast that transcends borders, cultures and languages. From the perspective of the younger generation, the China Cool series of short videos will showcase the current development of China's emerging industries, covering social, developmental, technological, emotional and other cross-country and cultural topics, bringing you a taste of the charm of China's trendy industries and the pace of China's development.

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