Send Blessings
    • Song: Happy Chinese New Year
    Chapter 1: An Ode to Spring
    • 01 Instrumental Piece: Spring Festival Overture
    • 02 Medley of Songs: Spring Festival Blessing Song
      New Boy
      Spring Breeze Brings the New Year to Miles Away
      Happy New Year
      The Sound of Firecrackers
    • 03 Gesture Dance: Spring Morning
    • 04 Dance: Picturesque Clothing
    • 05 Song and Dance Performance: Dragon Rhythms
    • New Year Greetings
    Chapter 2: Friendship of Confucius Institutes
    • 06 Feature Film: Twenty Years with the Confucius Institute
    • 07 Dance Medley:Ripples of Dreams
    • 08 Cross Talk: The Knowledge of Eating
    • 09 Song: Poetry and Painting of China
    • 10 Medley of Songs and Local operas: Chi Ling (Story of A Patriotic Opera Performer) Zha Bao Mian (Beheading Bao Mian)
    • 11 Poetry Recitation: Twenty Years of CIs Affection·Poetic Rhyme
    • New Year Greetings
    Chapter 3: New Year, New Look
    • 12 Song and Dance: The Chinese Language
    • 13 Song: Five Continents Sing the Future
    • 14 Xiangsheng: Fun Tales of Learning Chinese
    • 15 Medley of Songs: Corn Blossom Gardenia in Blossom
    • 16 Creative Short Film: A New Beginning in the Year of Loong (Chinese Dragon)
    • 17 Song and Dance: We Are All Dreamers
    • Blessings for the 20th Anniversary of CIs Worldwide

          The Chinese International Education Foundation (CIEF) is a non-profit social organization established upon registration at the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
          Through holding the Online Chinese Lunar New Year Gala of Confucius Institutes, the CIEF aims to unite teachers and students of Confucius Institutes,
          promote cultural exchanges between China and other countries, and spread traditional Chinese culture.
          The Gala is an internal non-commercial event for the Confucius Institute community. Should there be any infringement, please contact the CIEF.